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About Us

About Albany Housing Authority

Albany-Lee County Housing Authority provides its residents with a variety of services that promote and develop self-sufficiency and create homeownership opportunities through enrollment in the Family Self-Sufficient Program (FSS) for five years with goal settings. AHA strives to enrich the lives of its residents by partnering with other non-profit social service providers, municipal governments, and state governments.


Albany Housing Authority provides decent and safe rental properties to eligible low-income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities, all while fostering an atmosphere that will allow individual families to develop and thrive in their communities. We are dedicated to Building a Better Albany.


"We (AHA) will use innovation to provide opportunities for a decent quality of life for low-income residents by providing affordable housing and pathways to self-sufficiency and self-reliance."

Our Story

The Housing Authority of the City of Albany was established in 1940 as a quasi-governmental agency to develop and manage assisted housing programs. It was authorized by a resolution of the City of Albany, Georgia, declaring the need for the housing authority. Since its' inception, the Housing Authority of the City of Albany has adopted a mission to "Provide low-income families with safe, secure, and healthy housing, while fostering an atmosphere that will allow individual families to develop a sense of community within each neighborhood. "In keeping with this mission, a Strategic Directions Plan is being established in efforts of providing measurable goals, objectives, and outcomes that will serve as the agency's operational compass of achievement.