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Public Safety Initiatives


In case of emergency, call 9-1-1 first.

Public Safety can be reached for non-emergency assistance 24 hours ad day, every day of the year by calling (229) 431-2100.

We're not just experiencing a pandemic, but an infodemic-the news about COVID can be overwhelming, and it's hard for people to know what they can do to stay safe, especially when things change. That's why the Albany Public Housing Authority has launched the "First-to-Know" campaign in partnership with the free UgoRound app.

Albany residents can download the app anonymously. Join the Albany Public Housing Authority "First-to-Know" group, and anytime there is an update on the COVID situation or any other emergency, you'll receive a notification on your phone.

Make sure everyone in your household downloads the app, and help your neighbors stay connected. Join Cantrell, Big Josh, Coroner Michael Fowler, and Dr. William Myles of the housing authority in downloading the app to protect you and your family.

The first step is being the First to Know. It's up to us to keep our community safe.

How to Join our "First to Know Group":

Step 1: Download the UgoRound App - type "ugoround" in Play or App Store or click below:

Step 2: Go to My Groups on the menu bar

Step 3: Zoom out or Swipe map to find the AHA First to Know Group

Step 4: Tap the Pin to Join (It's free and anonymous)

Share this important news with Family and Friends and ensure they are also the First to Know if anything happens.