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Choice Mobility

One of the provisions of the RAD program is choice mobility. Choice mobility gives families living at a RAD property the opportunity to request a Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) and move into the private rental market with voucher assistance.

To be eligible, residents must meet two criteria:

  1. The family must live at the converted property for two years. (The time lived at the property before the conversion date does not count toward the two years.)
  2. The family must be in good standing. (ex. rent paid, not pending eviction, leaving no debt owed)

Residents who meet the eligibility requirements and who were living at the same property in 2020 can submit a Choice Mobility Voucher Application starting 2021, call relocation manager for exact dates. Applications submitted before this date will not be accepted. Residents who moved into the property after 2020 can apply once they have lived in the park for two years.‚Äč